Monday, January 13, 2014

Searchsploit-rb - Exploit-DB Search Tool gets an upgrade?

Exploit-DB is pretty famous for their collection of exploits and papers and if you are not familiar with them then then you should use some Google-fu to check up on them. They should be a bookmark found in pretty much any hackers handbook. In the past they had made their full archive available for download over HTTP, which was shaky at best and unless you scheduled it with cron or something you never knew if you had the latest and greatest and updating from a scripted manner was not always reliable (for me anyways). I had previously coded this tool in the past for the old archive methods, but today I noticed on Reddit they have moved to Github - w00t! This makes things much easier for everyone, well most people anyway.

Now they have had their archive collection for some time and the searchsploit bash script works just fine, however it can be too simplistic at times and not yield the results we want, unless you match your search syntax to its janky search method. It also lacks color and output logging. I had some time this morning so I decided to update my old script to take advantage of the simplicity of Github to allow easy fetching of new copies and/or updating existing ones. I also added a bit of color to the presentation of the results. It's very helpful for me so thought I would share with the rest of you...

To download exploit-db archives on your own from command line using normal git client:
COMMAND: git clone

Then to update from command line when you want, you simply pull:
COMMAND: git pull

This can all be done from within my tool so now you can update and search from one place :) Here is a quick overview and a link to my Github page where you can find it.

Help Menu:

If it can't find the archive setup, it will offer to download via git for you:

Search by a range of options with option to log results to file:

NOTE: this can be handy when you get a lot of results (SQL Injection searches mostly...)

Easy peazy updating now that things can leverage Github:

You can find things on my Github page:
git clone

Should only need to install the 'colorize' gem to get things started with ruby:
sudo gem install colorize

Special thanks to everyone on the Offesive Security
 team that helps to make exploit-db and all of their other awesome projects possible!

Until next time, enjoy!